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Key information about market volatility

Understanding market volatility—what causes it, how to deal with it—is key to successful investing.

The upside of investing in the stock market is that it can help you save for your goals more quickly. The potential downside is market volatility and the negative impact it can have. Watching the value of one’s investments suddenly rise or fall can unnerve even the most seasoned investor; but since market volatility is an investing ‘fact of life’, it helps to understand it and have a plan for how to react.

It starts with increasing your financial literacy.

From “Which investments are more likely to be affected by market volatility?” to “Why shouldn’t I try to time the market?”, investors have more questions about market volatility than probably any other aspect of investing. At Educators Financial Group, our goal is to empower education members to make smart financial decisions through various ways, including financial literacy. That’s why we’ve compiled a wide variety of articles on the subject of market volatility, easily accessible in The Learning Centre. Please see below.

Investing and Planning Articles

A balanced portfolio that reflects your risk tolerance

Investing: the undiscovered country

Markets going up and down? Remain C-A-L-M.

Solutions to Managing Volatility for Long-Term Success

The impact of the 2018 U.S. midterm elections

When markets are volatile, keep your eyes on the (long-term) prize.

Why you should diversify…and how

News and Updates

Investing 101: how to handle market volatility.” (2018)

Gains vs. loss: what a ‘loss’ really means.” (2018)

Will the markets be trumped?” (2018)

What Educators investors should know about recent market changes.” (2018)

Brexit, market volatility, and what it means to you and your investments” (2016)

Potential Initial Impacts of Brexit on the Educators Mortgage & Income Fund” (2016)

Good news: ‘bad news’ doesn’t mean you should bail from the market.” (2016)

Educators investors want to know: what’s the word on Greece?” (2015)

Here’s what some of our portfolio managers are saying about this week’s market volatility” (2015)


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