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Website Accessibility Statement

Educators Financial Group is committed to ensuring our website is informative, usable, and accessible for all our visitors. That includes those who visit our website using desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, as well as those who navigate the website using the keyboard only and/or with assistive devices. We are actively working to improve the website and to remove barriers to accessibility while enhancing the website experience for all our visitors, including those with visual, hearing, cognitive, and motor impairments.


Our website is built to be responsive. That makes adjusting the display for visitors with different devices or viewing preferences easy. If you are viewing this website on a mobile phone or tablet, the website will automatically adjust the screen display to fit your mobile phone or tablet.

Magnification and Zoom

You can adjust the magnification of our website by adjusting the font size or zoom settings on your browser or operating system, or by expanding or reducing the width of the browser window.

The layout of the website can be adjusted to display at higher or lower zoom settings or at narrower widths. Note that most touch screen devices also allow touch gestures that will allow you to zoom in on one area of the page.

Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard-only users can navigate the website using a combination of the tab key and keyboard arrows and move through the website without the use of a mouse or trackpad. To make keyboard navigation easier for sighted visitors using a keyboard, we have made sure that the page element that has keyboard focus has a visible highlight around it. Where helpful to provide additional context or information for screen reader users, we’ve added screen reader only ARIA markup.


Our forms are built to be keyboard and touch screen accessible. We test forms used on the website to ensure that they can be navigated using a keyboard only and/or a screen reader and that error messaging is accessible for screen reader users. As we build new forms and update existing forms, we continue to evaluate accessibility and update forms on the website to be more accessible.

Ongoing improvements

We are engaged in updating and improving the accessibility and usability of our website and content to ensure equal access for all our users. As we add new content and features to the website, we follow accessibility best practices and WCAG guidelines to ensure continuous improvements to our website’s accessibility. We’ve made changes to our content creation workflow that will help ensure that new content added to the website is more accessible.

Recent Accessibility Updates Include:

  • We’ve added a new link ‘Skip to Content‘ that allows keyboard users to easily skip to the main content of the page and not have to tab through the whole header and navigation menu on every page.
  • The Performance of our Signature Funds has moved to a new URL and as part of the move, we made a number of changes to improve accessibility for keyboard and screen reader users.
  • We’ve made changes to the heading structure on key pages to make navigating easier and more intuitive and for screen reader users who use heading structure to help navigate the site more quickly.
  • We’ve enhanced colour contrast in key areas of the site to improve readability for visitors with low vision.

We continue to work to enhance the Accessibility of our site and welcome your feedback

No website is ever 100% accessible. As we continue to develop our website and improve our processes, we encourage you to share your feedback and recommendations to improve the website. If you have questions or are having trouble accessing information on our website, please contact us at

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