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There’s advice.
And then there’s educator-specific advice.

Our financial advisors work closely with you providing customized financial planning advice that gives you confidence that you will achieve your goals by focusing on things like how retiring before your 85/90 factor impacts your pension and creating a personalized plan to help you stay on track if you take a 4 over 5. Furthermore, we can guide you through any potential pension income gaps, gratuities, etc. – advice you can only get from an Educators financial advisor.

Plus, we don’t work on commission1 so you can trust that our recommendations are in your best interest.


Get educator-specific advice

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Check out how 3 of our financial advisors helped their clients achieve their financial goals:

Many growing families struggle to pay off debt and build savings at the same time. See how Shannon’s advice helped one family accomplish both.


While Millennials struggle in today’s hot housing market, see how Graham found a way to help his client get a foot in the door.


Finances can be overwhelming; but with Lisa’s guidance, this client never felt alone in her financial path.

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Did you know?

86% of Canadians say that advice from advisors is critical to reaching their most important financial goals2.

What do you get by working with an Educators financial advisor?

  • Customized financial plan
  • Annual review of your plan by your financial advisor
  • Gratuity planning
  • Debt consolidation
  • Invaluable educator-specific advice on an ongoing basis

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