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Why owe ‘them’ more than you have to?

A recent TransUnion study found the average Canadian consumer’s debt load climbed to a record high $25,960 at the end of 2011. For many educators, living with debt is a fact of life. Especially when variables such as pension contributions, union dues, taxes, and day-to-day expenses can leave little money left to pay down that debt.

Educators Mortgage Agent Level 1 – Regional Director, Lending Services Nick Rao points out that the biggest debt culprit is high-interest credit cards. “The average bank credit card charges 14% interest, while the average department store credit charges 20% interest or more. If you’ve paid your bills on time and have a good credit rating, there’s no need to pay these exorbitant rates.”

And the alternative: low-interest consolidation. Nick adds, “By consolidating your high rate credit cards and personal loans into one low-rate option, you can seriously save yourself a bundle.”

Consolidate high interest debt with a low-rate line of credit through Educators.

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