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Educators Financial Group reduces Management Expense Ratio (MER) on Balanced Fund

Investors in the Educators Balanced Fund will be happy to know they’ll now be getting a boost in the return on their investment.

That’s because as of October 2, we reduced the Management Expense Ratio (MER) on our Educators Balanced Fund from 1.93% to 1.87%.

About the Educators Balanced Fund:

  • Invests in a mix of short-term, fixed-income securities, and preferred shares, as well as index participation units and bonds
  • Up to 30% may be invested in foreign equities
  • Its asset mix will vary according to the economic and market outlook

Benefits of the Fund:

  • Balanced funds add diversification to your portfolio across asset classes and protect it from excessive market risk

Key features of the Fund:

  • Generates both income and capital growth
  • Total returns are typically higher than fixed-income funds alone (over the long-term)
  • Returns are a mixture of income, capital gains, and dividends

Management Expense Ratio (MER) comparison:

    • Industry standard Balanced Fund MER = 2.44%
    • Educators new lower Balanced Fund MER = 1.87%
    • Your educator-specific savings = 23%

Here’s a tip that will help you to recognize what kind of fees you’ll be paying for certain investments:

Many mutual funds are offered in different series or classes, which are identified by a letter (such as ‘Series A’, ‘Series D’, Series F’, etc.). The purpose of these letters is to identify the fee structure and other features of a fund. Therefore paying close attention to this letter grouping can definitely pay off when shopping around for mutual funds.

Have a question about the Educators Balanced Fund or any of the other investment options we offer?

With over 45 years of exclusively serving education members, we can answer your questions and provide you with a diverse portfolio of investing strategies and account types to help you reach your ultimate financial goals—no matter where you are on the pay grid or what your pension income happens to be in retirement.


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