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Savings resolutions don’t have to be hard for education members

If your goal is to save more this year, you’re not alone. But as an educator with union dues and pension contributions, it can be tough to put extra money aside – for a summer getaway, unexpected expenses or long-term goals.

A pre-authorized contribution plan (or PAC) makes it easy to pay yourself first by setting money aside in regular contributions.

Start with an amount (even as little as $25) and how often you’d like to contribute (such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), and we’ll take care of the rest. The money is automatically withdrawn from your account and deposited into your Educators investment. Your savings get top priority and – bonus – you may not even notice the missing money.

Here’s how to get started with your PAC.

Educators Financial Group has been offering financial planning plus a wide selection of investing and lending products and services exclusively to teachers, educational workers, and their families since 1975. This history helps us understand your needs better than any other financial institution.

Have questions? We have Financial Specialists across Ontario that can help. Find your team.

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