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Five ways to afford your dream vacation.

We at Educators know that vacations – whether during the end of year holidays, March break or summer break – are always on top of an education member’s to-do list. But then again, it’s not always possible to have a lavish dream vacation.

Here are 5 ways to have a fantastic vacation without having to dole out a lot of money:

1. Choose the deals carefully.

Don’t get swayed by offers which look too good to be true. But at the same time remember that great deals don’t always come with strings attached. If Europe has always been your dream destination, then October to March (think March-break) is the right time to visit as the off-season rates are simply more affordable. However, if you’re looking for something closer to home, places like Banff and Whistler offer some really great hotel deals in the summer. Look out for these deals and grab the ones which suit you best.

2. Try a ‘staycation’.

Staycations have recently become quite a popular option. Staying in, ordering food, driving down to local tourist spots, installing an inflatable backyard pool, going for a picnic close-by – all happen to be part of a fun staycation. Try something new in your own hometown and get the feel of a vacation without having to swipe your card too often.

3. Travel and teach.

If you’re looking for exotic destinations like China, south- east Asia or the Middle-East, you might want to consider the idea of teaching English at one of the TEFL centres (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) for two or three months. The qualification requirements may vary but most are as simple having a University degree and basic teaching qualifications. So, this enables you to travel to a dream destination and earn, while enjoying the most authentic local experiences. Also, Canadian International Schools across the world are always looking for faculties on a 1-year (or more) contract basis where you can teach your preferred subject and take your family along.

4. Join an educators’ travel club.

There are tons of travel clubs these days for educators only, the objectives of which are mainly to have an enriching and yet inexpensive travel experience. The cost cutting primarily happens at the ‘stay’ level where arrangements made are similar to that of a bed ‘n’ breakfast or that of an Airbnb. There are many such clubs currently amongst which Educators Travel Network and Teachers Travel seem to be doing quite well (as per online reviews).

5. Get a personal line of credit

Sometimes you really need that vacation, but despite your best efforts you haven’t saved quite enough. If you have to use credit for that well-deserved vacation, consider using a line of credit. With its lower rate of interest, a line of credit is much more economical than a credit card.

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At Educators Financial Group, we understand the education community and its needs, owing to our involvement with the community for 40 years. Contact us if you need any help.

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