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Educators Mortgage & Income Fund Receives Fundata’s FundGrade A Rating

As of September 30, 2014, Educators Mortgage & Income Fund receives Fundata’s FundGrade® A Rating.

Fundata’s FundGrade is an independent and objective fund rating system that has been developed to recognize funds that have achieved superior returns. The FundGrade rating system employs an advanced, risk-adjusted approach to rank the performance of each qualifying fund. Essentially, a fund’s performance is evaluated not only in terms of returns but also in terms of the amount of risk taken to generate those returns.

The FundGrade rating systems assists investors, advisors, and portfolio managers objectively by ranking investment funds within the Canadian investment fund universe. The FundGrade rating system assigns a letter grade from “A” (indicating superior past performance) to “E” (indicating poor past performance) to more than 7,000 investment funds, providing a quick and easy tool for ranking funds based on historic risk-adjusted returns. Separate grading calculations are completed for Mutual Funds and Segregated Funds.

FundGrade ratings are published on the seventh business day of each month and distributed to numerous well known industry websites and publications, including and A detailed explanation as to how FundGrade is calculated can be found at

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