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Budget calculator

Keeping a budget is a great way to keep your spending on track – and our handy budget calculator can help you with that.

For a detailed breakdown, please enter your monthly income and expenses below.

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Monthly Income

Monthly household net income is required

Monthly household net income is a number

Other income is required

Other income is a number

Housing and Living Expenses

Mortgage or rent payment is required

Mortgage or rent payment is a number

Property tax payment is required

Property tax payment is a number

Utilities is required

Utilities is a number

Groceries is required

Groceries is a number

Child care is required

Child care is a number

Maintenance is required

Maintenance is a number

Supplies is required

Supplies is a number

Other expenses is required

Other expenses is a number


Health insurance payment is required

Health insurance payment is a number

Medical/dental expenses is required

Medical/dental expenses is a number

Other health expenses is required

Other health expenses is a number

Auto and Transportation

Auto loan/lease payments is required

Auto loan/lease payments is a number

Auto insurance is required

Auto insurance is a number

Public transportation costs is required

Public transportation costs is a number

Fuel and maintenance is required

Fuel and maintenance is a number

Other expenses is required

Other expenses is a number


Tuition and fees payment is required

Tuition and fees payment is a number

Supplies and other expenses is required

Supplies and other expenses is a number

Loans and Credit Card Payments

Student loan payments is required

Student loan payments is a number

Credit cards is required

Credit cards is a number

Other expenses is required

Other expenses is a number

Saving and Investing

Education savings contributions is required

Education savings contributions is a number

Investment contributions is required

Investment contributions is a number

Other investments is required

Other investments is a number


Monthly Donations is required

Monthly Donations is a number

Gifts is required

Gifts is a number

Misc. Expenses

Entertainment is required

Entertainment is a number

Travel is required

Travel is a number

Clothing is required

Clothing is a number

Personal care is required

Personal care is a number

General purchases is required

General purchases is a number

Other expenses is required

Other expenses is a number

Expenses Breakdown

Monthly Income

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Monthly Expenses

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Income Less Expenses

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$ {{output.diff | thousands }}

Looking for some budget advice?

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