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Whether you are a homeowner or a home buyer, we’ll help you find the mortgage that’s right for you.

We are the financial specialists for the education community, because we live in your community and understand your financial needs. Our Accredited Mortgage Professionals specialize in mortgages catering specifically to the education community.

Get a new mortgage or switch your mortgage for free*

Switch your mortgage to Educators and we’ll cover the costs! Our financial solutions are tailored to your unique circumstances:

  • We can help you better understand what the new stress test regulation really means for you and how to navigate the logistics.
  • We negotiate with multiple lenders and get the rate that’s best for you, often with better rates than those offered on your renewal.
  • Our collateral transfer programs mean greater freedom to transfer your collateral charge mortgage to one of our lenders.
  • We have access to various lending offerings and information to empower you to make the right decisions.

Have an Agent – Regional Director contact you to discuss your borrowing needs.

Did you know?

We also offer Lines of Credit (LOC) to help you consolidate your debt! Eliminate those high-interest credit cards with our low-rate LOC and kickstart your financial future.

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