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For a limited time, lock in an exclusive rate starting as low as 1.69%1 on a 5-year fixed mortgage term.

Is your mortgage up for renewal soon?  Switch to Educators Financial Group at renewal, and we will even cover the fees to transfer2.

Eligible members may also qualify for a special cash bonus offer!

The world looks a lot different today. Many aspects of your job have changed. So have the rules for borrowing. At Educators Financial Group, we’ve been helping education members like yourself navigate these changes and find borrowing solutions that fit your specific needs and budget. Our unbiased Mortgage Agents negotiate with multiple lenders and act as your representative to get the rate that’s best for you.

Even if you’ve experienced some credit challenges in the past or your credit isn’t making the grade, we can help you find the right mortgage option. Speak with us to learn how an alternative residential mortgage solution can help you achieve your goals.

Have less than the 20% down payment saved? Ask about our high-ratio closed mortgage.

How to Take Advantage of this Offer:


Step 1

Fill in the form below to speak to an Educators’ Mortgage Agent. Don’t forget to ask about our cash bonus offer!



Step 2

Find the right mortgage for you.



Step 3

Lock in a low rate on your new or maturing mortgage. Educators Financial Group will cover the costs to transfer eligible mortgages at maturity.


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